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Founded in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles in 2018, Burning Pride Meditation (BPm) is a non-theistic mindfulness group that is informed by the world’s many wisdom traditions, and especially our cultural heritages. Our group began as a 

sangha (community) for Asian Americans with the intent of creating a space where members of the Asian diaspora could be in fellowship and connection with each other.

The space was sacralized through the encouragement of deep, meaningful conversations which were accompanied by weekly group meditation practice. Building on these weekly gatherings, members cultivated their spiritual friendships and created an Azn family, by participating in monthly paired chevruta (companionship) sessions.

In the summer of 2020, fellowship members of Japanese, Korean, Pinxy, Chinese, and Taiwanese backgrounds took to the streets to put their values into action. We put a call out to our neighbors to join us for the ‘Great Awakening Walk,’ a silent, prayerful march from Little Tokyo to City Hall. More than 500 people took action, as heritage monastics led the way. Together, the marchers represented a variety of Buddhist and other wisdom traditions--united in their support for Black Lives Matter.

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